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The Avenue

A double story timber frame extension for two flats in the north London.  The project is focused on homegrown or European grown timber species for the majority of the construction in order to both support the UK's own forestry as a way to tackle climate change and to increase a sense of well being within the property.  European oak is used for the curtain wall facade; recyclable poplar plywood for internal wood panelling - reducing the requirement for wet trade and gypsum plaster; and homegrown ash timber for bespoke kitchen door fronts  - these are fitted onto UK made kitchen carcasses made from recycled chipboard which can be fully recycled at end of use.


Suspended timber flooring with engineered wood flooring

European Timber Framing

Mineral wool insulation (zero PIR)

English Larch Cladding

Recycled glass kitchen worktop

English Ash kitchen fronts, dining table and study desk


Embodied Carbon . TBC

Embodied Carbon % improvement against standard construction . TBC

Whole Life Carbon summary

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