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  • Our mission is to create buildings, products or environments that achieve Net Zero carbon emissions.

  • Poroban invests into ongoing research on embodied carbon in materials and takes a direct approach to promoting and specifying products and materials of a low carbon footprint.  Approximately 50% of the carbon emissions from housing over a 60-year life is related to the construction products and process (embodied carbon emissions), and is thereby emitted at the time of construction. The other 50% is due to operational carbon emissions – regulated (heating and lighting) and unregulated (appliances) - TRADA.

  • We are developing and are due to release our portal of preferred suppliers and manufacturers in order to achieve low carbon footprints on all buildings

  • Use of homegrown timber and/or timber frame construction is encouraged on projects in order to reduce embodied carbon emissions

  • We minimise use of single use plastic based products on projects, in the studio and at home

  • We continue to experiment, test and promote new materials in innovative ways

  • Our studio constantly researches into products and construction techniques that are useful, and not wasteful, at the end of their lifecycle

  • Poroban do not employ services from companies invested in fossil fuel industries​

  • Poroban employees travel by either public transport or electric car

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